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Waterbody/Location NameAscendingDescriptionCounty
Lake Helene - Lake Helene Beach Genesee
McKane Lake - McKane Lake Beach Genesee
Myers Lake - Myers Lake Campground/Beach Genesee
Otter Lake - Griswold Park Genesee
(man-made pond) - Totem Pole Campground Pond Campground Monroe
Adams Lake - Addison Oaks Co. Park Addison Oaks Co. Park OCHD Oakland
Alcona Pond - Alcona Park East Campground Alcona Park Campground Beach - East Alcona
Alcona Pond - Alcona Pond West Campground Alcona Pond - Alcona park campground - west Alcona
Arcadia Lake - Grebe Park Beach Manistee
Arnold Lake - Arnold Lake Beach End of Lakewood Clare
AuGres River - AuGres River - DNR Access @ pier Arenac
AuTrain Lake Campground - AuTrain Lake Campground USFS Alger
Backus Pond - Backus Township. Park M-55 Prudenville Roscommon
Bambi Lake/Sinkhole Lake - Bambi Lake Camp Bambi Lake Baptist Camp Roscommon
Bass Lake - Bass Lake SFC 23742 CR 455 Luce
Bass Lake - Idlewild Subdivision Oakland
Baw Beese Lake - Sandy Beach Hillsdale
Bear Lake - 13 Mile Rd. Beach Manistee
Bear Lake - 7th St. Beach Manistee
Bear Lake - Bear Lake State Forest Campground Otsego
Bear Lake - Hopkins Swimming Area Manistee
Bear Lake - Laketon Township Beach Off of Glenwood Ave., west of Fenner Ditch Muskegon
Bear Lake - Myers Rd. Beach Manistee
Bear Lake - Pleasanton Twn. Park Beach Manistee
Bear Lake - South Shore Beach Manistee
Beaver Lake - Beaver Lake Park Approximately 20 miles from Alpena; just off of M65 South. Take M32 West to M 65 South, turn right onto Beaver Lake County Park Road. Alpena
Belleville Lake - Van Buren Township Park Belleville Wayne
Bentley Lake - Camp Innisfree West of D-19 on South side of Shafer Rd Livingston
Bertha Lake - Bertha Lake Beach Beach on Pine Street Clare
Big Blue Lake - Blue Lake County Park Beach Big Blue Lake Muskegon
Big lake - Big Lake Otsego
Big Lake - Crittenden Park 3641 50th Ave, Sear, MI Osceola
Big Seven Lake - Seven Lakes State Park Seven Lakes State Park Oakland
Big Star Lake - Big Star Lake Public Access Point Lake
Big Traverse Bay - Schoolcraft Township Campground Houghton
Billings Lake - Manton Park Wexford
Bird lake - Bird Lake Beach Hillsdale
Bishop Lake - Brighton State Recreation Area East of Chilson Rd about 1 mile on Bishop Lake Rd Livingston
Black Lake - Black Lake S.F.C.G. Cheboygan
Black Lake - Bluffs Beach Cheboygan
Black Lake - Onaway State Park Camp Ground Presque Isle
Blue Lake - Cold Brook County Park East MN Avenue, between South 42nd Street and South 44th Street Kalamazoo
Bodi Lake - Bodi Lake SFC 5773 CR 437 Luce
Bogie Lake - Bogie Lake Property Owners - Beryl Drive Oakland
Bogie Lake - Pinecrest Shores Oakland
Borrow Pit - Herrick County Park Herrick Rd. Isabella
Brendel Lake - Stanley Beach Oakland
Brevort Lake - Brevort Lake Campground Beach Brevort Camp Road Mackinac
Brownlee Lake - Village of Lincoln Park Village of Lincoln Park Alcona
Bruin Lake - Pinckney Recreation Area 21235 Kaiser Rd. Washtenaw