395326 / MID030179782 VERSO ESCANABA LLC
7100 COUNTY 426 M.5 RD, ESCANABA, MI 49829


Site ID
Name and address information (current and historical) for a site, along with specifics such as owner / operator data, site activities, and institutional controls.
Solid Waste Management
Solid waste activity data for the site, including the following: construction permit and operating license details for solid waste disposal areas, financial assurances (financial instruments and/or perpetual care funds), quarterly monitoring reports, annual landfill reports, and captive or non-captive surcharges.
Details regarding utilization of solid waste in lieu of disposal, including recycling activities, composting registrations, eWaste recycler registrations, and Part 115 authorizations.
Scrap Tire Management
Scrap tires activity data for the site, including the following: registration information for scrap tire collection sites and haulers; grants for cleanup, market development, or fire suppression; end use certifications for acceptance of tires for reuse or energy generation; and financial assurance information.
Compliance, Monitoring & Enforcement
Data necessary for determining a site's level of compliance with regulatory requirements, including inspections / evaluations, violations, and compliance actions (e.g. letters of warning, orders, civil or administrative actions, and/or criminal actions).
User Charges
Assessments based upon hazardous waste activities at the site.