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Scanned Water Well Record Retrieval System  01/20/2021
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About This Website:

Nearly 1 million water well records are accessible through this search program. There is no charge for the access. Water well records contain construction data on individual water wells (private residential, public water supply wells irrigation wells, industrial wells, and test wells). Most records are from 1965 through 1999 . Historic records (those submitted before the 1965 state legislation was passed which mandated submittal of well records by water well drilling contractors) are also available.

This set of files may not be complete. County or district health department files may contain additional records that are not in these files.

To view these well records you will need to download  Adobe Acrobat. This is a free program.

How to Perform a Search:

Fill in the entry fields at the left. The minimum search criteria are County, Township or Town & Range Numbers.

Use the pick lists to select the County and Township. To minimize search errors, the township names are linked to the corresponding county, and the town & range numbers are linked to the township names.

You can also enter the town and range numbers by typing them into the separate Town and Range fields.

Type in the Section number (between 1 and 36) where the well is located.

When you have completed entering the well location data, click on Select to complete the search.

Once the well record file has been retrieved, click on the link to retrieve the well records. The file link will appear under the heading "File Name and Size". An example of a link is shown below:

03N02W13 INGHAM.pdf 1446.6 kb
(Town 03N, Range 02W, Section 13, Ingham County, File size = 1446.6 kb)

Search Tips:

  • The location information for your property can be found on your deed or property tax bill. County maps and plat books are also helpful.
  • Some of the well records in the database are oil and gas well records. These two page records may contain some useful geological data.
  • Older well records with limited location description (Town and Range) have been scanned into a Historic Records file, and those records with missing or inaccurate locational information have been scanned into an Unverified Records file. These files are also available in the search results.
  • To begin a new search, click on the back button and enter new search criteria.

How to Print Well Records:

  • Determine which well records you want to print. This is done by using the black arrow buttons at the top or bottom of the Adobe menu bar.
  • Click on the print button, and select print all, print the current page only or print a range of pages.
  Questions or comments pertaining to this database should be directed to  ladouceura@michigan.gov