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Flood Discharge Database


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Access to the Flood Discharge Database is provided as a service to allow you to view discharges from previous requests for preliminary design purposes. The discharge values are only valid for the original requestor and for one year after the date they were issued. To obtain discharge information from the Hydrologic Studies Program, you may submit a request online. Go to and click "Request a Flood Discharge or Low Flow Form" to access the current form. Note that you may be required to include the response to your discharge request with your permit application.
How to perform a search:
Fill in the fields on the left side of this form with the relevant information for your search. Your search will return all of the records that match the information that you have entered. The more fields you fill in, the narrower your search results will be.
Field entry tips:
County: Name of county in which watercourse is located e.g., "Ingham"
Watershed: Name of watershed in which the watercourse is located e.g., "Grand". Don't know your watershed? See the Michigan watersheds map
Requestor name: Requestor name submitted on flood flow request form e.g., "John Smith" or company name e.g., "Noah, Inc."
Watercourse: Name of watercourse e.g., "Grand River". Note: This will return ALL watercourses in the state with this name unless a specific county or watershed is also selected. Avoid using general search criteria terms such as "river" or "stream". Home  |  EGLE_Home  |  Online Services  |  Permits  |  Programs  |  Contact_EGLE
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