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Initial Threshold Screening Level/Initial Risk Screening Level (ITSL/IRSL)
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CAS Number Chemical Name Notes Status ITSL (μg/m3) Averaging Time Second ITSL (μg/m3) Second ITSL Avg Time IRSL
Carc Avg Time
82688 pentachloronitrobenzene   FINAL 11 annual          
83329 acenaphthene   FINAL 210 annual          
84662 diethyl phthalate   FINAL 2800 annual          
84742 dibutyl phthalate   FINAL 50 8 hr          
85018 phenanthrene   FINAL 0.1 annual          
85449 phthalic anhydride   FINAL 20 annual          
85687 butyl benzyl phthalate   FINAL 700 annual          
86737 fluorene   FINAL 140 annual          
79094 propionic acid   FINAL 300 8 hr          
79107 acrylic acid   FINAL 1 annual          
79118 chloroacetic acid   FINAL 20 8 hr          
79141 hydroxyacetic acid/ glycolic acid   FINAL 4 annual          
79209 methyl acetate   FINAL 6100 8 hr          
79243 nitroethane   FINAL 60 annual          
79298 2,3-dimethylbutane   FINAL 3500 8 hr          
79312 isobutyric acid   FINAL 0.9 annual          
87901 1,3,5-trichloroisocyanuric acid   FINAL 2 annual          
87650 2,6-dichlorophenol   FINAL 3.8 annual          
79414 methacrylic acid   FINAL 30 annual          
87616 1,2,3-trichlorobenzene   FINAL 27 annual          
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    Notes: For a list of notes which correspond to any numbers which may appear in the “Notes” column above, please follow this link.  

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