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To evaluate a proposed withdrawal, first locate where the withdrawal will be placed on the map. Next click the "New Withdrawal" button below. Then click on the map where the withdrawal will be located.
Enter latitude/longitude coordinates below to find the specificied location on the map.

Enter the address at or near the withdrawal location. Please spell street names correctly in order to ensure system accuracy.

The Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool (WWAT) is designed to estimate the likely impact of a water withdrawal on nearby streams and rivers. Use of the WWAT is required of anyone proposing to make a new or increased large quantity withdrawal (over 70 gallons per minute) from the waters of the state, including all groundwater and surface water sources, prior to beginning the withdrawal.

The WWAT was originally launched in 2009, and housed at the Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University. The second and current version of the WWAT is housed at the State of Michigan's Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB).

For more information about the WWAT, visit the educational materials webpage at: http://www.miwwat.org/wateruse/regulations.asp

Version 2.26

Release Date 3/18/2015
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